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First profitable inhouse project of the_bridge.

HalbeHalbe is the first inhouse project of The_Bridge. It launched in February 2015 and is profitable since May 2015. On the platform you can find the best products from amazon. The cool thing of HalbeHalbe is that we share our conversion with the community. At the end of the month we take the half of our money and raffle it on facebook – in form of an amazon-voucher. So we created a social community, where everybody profits.

Universal search on Homepage

We integrated a universal search that shows to users precisely what they are looking for.

Responsive? For sure.

Of course the affiliate platform is working on mobile devices!

Result page with detailed product teasers.

Nice product teaser with hover effects make for a clear overview.

Instant product descriptions.

Without loading a new page you get more information on clicking the product teaser.